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New Mobility Newsletter - September 2013

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September 2013


Mobility September 2013Cover Story:E-Stim for WellnessE-stim, whether employed in FES cycling or an exciting new application of rowing exercise, offers health benefits that can improve our lives in very real ways.

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Barry Corbet:
Nothing Missed, No Regrets

Parts of his life are legendary. Others play like a bad dream. Through it all, Barry Corbet remained selfless and humble.

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SCI Life:
Once a Cowgirl, Always a Cowgirl
Horses have been Amberley Snyder’s passion since she was 3 years old, and she rode in her first rodeo at the young age of 7. That was the year her dad, retired Los Angeles Dodger, Cory Snyder, moved his family to Elk River, Utah. When her dad told her the news of moving, she said she would only go if he got her a horse. “He followed through, and I had my first horse, Lacey.”

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NM Blog:
Injury Anniversary:  To Celebrate or Not

Two days ago, the 20th anniversary of my injury came and went. As I sat here in front of my computer at 3:05pm, the exact time my injury occurred, I looked outside to observe the weather.

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Which Hotel Chains Work for You?

Name names and tell us why! What's most important to you when booking a hotel — that the "reserved" room is there when you show up? Plentiful accessible parking? A bed you can get into without mountain-climbing tools? Let us know by taking this very short survey.

Nomimate a 'Person of the Year'

New Mobility is accepting nominations for our 2013 Person of the Year. Candidates should have achieved important, far-reaching goals for the wheelchair-using community during 2013. Please click here to submit your nomination with supporting information and links. The deadline is Sep. 15th.
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