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Smoking in Pregnancy May Mean Diabetes for Baby

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Diabetes More Likely in Offspring of Smokers
If patients need another reason to quit smoking, new research shows that in utero exposure to cigarette smoke affects baby's risk of diabetes later in life.

Women Need More Info on Compounded Hormones 
New survey data show that OB/GYNs need to better educate women about compounded bioidentical hormones for symptoms of menopause.

10 Questions With Michael James McCoy, MD 
Dr McCoy is the new health IT guru at the ONC, but he's also an OB/GYN. Find out why he transitioned into health IT and his predictions for obstetrics and gynecology.
Do You Listen to Their Hearts?
Weigh in on our poll on how regularly OB/GYNs use a stethoscope. 

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